dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Swapperdeswap, part 3!

And now I show you my final swap with Mekkan from "My hodgepodge". Mekkan lives in Japan, and tells us on her blog about the live and traditions in Japan. She is a very good photographer and she makes very beautiful photos. She also is a gifted basket maker and off course very good at origami. So we both want to have a swap and today I became her package. It was her in a few days, my package for her still not arrived. I hope it will be there soon.
So I will show you now the wonderful things Mekkan send to me. This little purse is wonderful made, as decoration a little button from fabric. Look here, Sjuul in a Kimono. These little figures are candy, nut and rise crisp, very tasty, I had already taste one. Yammie!!! This beautifully, beautifully fabrics, used for making kimonos. Real Japanese green tea.
And in here Japanese traditionel candy. This basket is absolutely the best, she made it herself. With in it, crane-birds, made from origami. Crane bird brings good luck. So she send me many good luck, because in the basket are many crane-birds. :) So beautiful.
Dear Mekkan, you are so nice, I love all those things, it is like a little bit off Japan near by me. A big hug to you and many, many thanks!!!
Best wishes from Jeany


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